Climate Solutions

I am advocating for climate solutions that don’t burden taxpayers. What is built today will last for the next 50 years. City plans and development policy can be strengthened to require the buildings that are built today will meet the standards in 2050. We need to build our infrastructure and neighbourhoods so it is easier for some to make the choice to live without a car. We also need to provide infrastructure for electric vehicles. These solutions are not expensive to taxpayers, but reflect our choices and priorities, and a willingness to think for the future.

Affordable Housing

As people move to our region, the cost of housing has more than doubled over the past decade, making it less and less affordable for so many people. Members of our community, people who have lived in Coquitlam for years are unable to stay. Children growing up here will have a hard time finding an affordable place to live. When we retire, or are unable to work, we will need a place to live. We need to build living spaces that are affordable, meet the needs of our diverse population, and are great places to live and visit.

Active Transportation

Over the past 10 years, Coquitlam has upgraded the transportation network we use without cars. These paths, sidewalks and bike routes get us to nearby services and transit. on foot, by bicycle, or with a mobility aid. Travelling without a car has a smaller carbon footprint, it can also be good for our health, and it connects us to our communities. Active transportation is becoming more popular in Coquitlam and using provincial climate funding to enhance our network will help more people enjoy our community in person.

A Great Place to Live

Coquitlam is already a great place to live, and even as it grows and changes, maybe some things can stay the same. We love Coquitlam because it is peaceful and full of beautiful parks and green spaces. The traffic isn’t too busy, and we know our neighbours. We need to ensure that growth and development doesn’t change everything we love. But development and growth are also opportunities to create great new places for us to enjoy. I want to engage citizens in the dialogue about development – and I want you to speak to government and developers about the kind of city you want to live in.

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