Developer Money Risks Undue Influence on Coquitlam City Council

Individual donations from  development company owners, executives, and their family members may present a risk of undue influence on our city’s political process. As a city councillor, I will not take any money from an individual that is associated with the development industry and could stand to profit from a development application I would be…

Meadowbrook changes zoning, but density stays the same

There won’ t be any apartment buildings or townhouses coming to Meadowbrook. Meadowbrook neighbourhood was built in the 1970s with small houses on small lots. At the time it was built, the houses were very dense and very affordable. As part of the project, the BC government had a land use contract that did not…


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I am a long time Coquitlam resident, homeowner, and parent. I work in healthcare and do some advocacy and other work for the health sciences association. For the past 7 years I have been working to lobby local city governments to take action on climate change. I love living in this city because it is safe, close to nature, and is filled with such a diverse group of people.

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