Campaign Donors

Thank you to everyone who donated to support my campaign. Below is a list of major campaign donors. I have included everyone who donated $100 or more. This information is not a full legal campaign finance disclosure and is current as of September 22, 2022. None of the donors below are, to my knowledge, executives of real estate development companies. For more information on developer cash in the 2018 municipal elections read my blog post.

Murray Martin$ 100.00
Geoffrey Godding$ 100.00
Silvia Cojocaru$ 100.00
Harvey Su$ 100.00
Erik Minty$ 100.00
Isabel Silvestre$ 100.00
Davut Sanli$ 105.00
Laura Dupont$ 149.95
Edie Kernighan$ 150.00
Dan Reilander$ 200.00
Bosko Radanov$ 200.00
Nicola Spurling$ 200.00
Michael Shumiatcher$ 300.00
Verity Howarth$ 300.00
Norma Lento$ 400.00
Thomas Perry$ 500.00
Amy Lubik$ 500.00
Erik Minty$ 1,100.00
Phillip Buchan$ 1,235.00
Stephen Crozier$ 1,250.00
Benjamin Perry$ 2,500.00
subtotal$ 9,689.95
donations under $100$ 1367.92
total$ 11,057.87
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