Meadowbrook changes zoning, but density stays the same

There won’ t be any apartment buildings or townhouses coming to Meadowbrook. Meadowbrook neighbourhood was built in the 1970s with small houses on small lots. At the time it was built, the houses were very dense and very affordable. As part of the project, the BC government had a land use contract that did not allow for any changes to the house design, but the BC government is ending the land use contracts in 2024. As a result, the city of Coquitlam is creating a new zoning law for the neighbourhood. This will allow residents to make renovations that change the floor plan (e.g. additions,) or to tear down houses and build entirely new houses. The new zoning allows for additional height to protect against floods, but there won’t be any significant changes to the houses. This zoning will preserve the character of the neighbourhood, but is missing out on a chance to increase denisty a 5 minute bus ride from Coquitlam Station. There is a public hearing on June 13th at 7:00 pm and Meadowbrook is second on the agenda. Any member of the public can speak on this issue. Find out details about attending in person or online here.

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